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“Don’t work for money…”, “Do what makes you happy…”, “When your job is also your passion, it stops being a job…”. We hear these mottos very often. 10% of Czechs love what they do, and I am very happy I joined that demographic a few years ago. 
Ever since I was a kid, I used to play with cameras, carefully documenting everything from my motorbike models collection, to family trips and vacations. After college, I tried several jobs which I selected based on income. In 2015, I got back to videography and it immediately felt like home. I instantly knew that this passion would always sizzle.


I’m not the only one making sure your wedding videos are unforgettable. Honza and I have worked together for several years and we make a great team. Katka handles postproduction, mainly video editing.

Honza Brázda
Kačenka Matoušová